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Wire harnesses assembly

At MECS, we work on the production of wire harnesses and technical solutions, together with an expert team. Assembly of wire harnesses and total solutions:

  • From prototype to serial production
  • From simple up to premium quality


Customers are predominantly active in the maritime, industrial, agriculture or automotive sector. At MECS we specialize in mechatronic/electronic assemblies. Together with our specialized co-workers we work on a solution of your technical issue, concerning the production of wire harnesses and/or mechatronic solutions. Owing to exclusive collaboration with foreign partners, we are also capable of developing substantial series at attractive prices. MECS keeps control of this, which allows us to keep stock for your company.


Our team carefully selects all components required for the processing of your wire harness request, after which our production co-workers assemble the wire harness and/or technical solutions in our workshop. As soon as this process is completed, your order goes to the check and test phase where different accurate tests are performed. In case this process is done in-house, we are almost always able to quote a price within 1 week after your request and deliver a prototype within 3 weeks. If this prototype is approved, we can deliver the series within 3 weeks after. This is all executed in accordance with the LEAN principle.


The heart of our activities consists of the assembly of (semi-finished)products for our customers. Some MECS production processes:

  • Cutting and stripping of cables
  • Wire coding by means of inkjet printing
  • Crimping of contacts by means of specially adjusted applicators
  • Soldering
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Compose it into one single unit
  • Wire harness assembly
  • Wire harness assembly – extensive testing of cable confection.
Uitvoerig testen kabelconfectie bedrijf


All MECS assembled cable confections are tested extensively and are supplied to the customer only after this test was completed successfully. A specialized engineer looks at, for example, whether the contacts were applied correctly, if no short-circuit appears in the wire harness and whether the wire harness is adequately protected against penetration of dirt and moist, if this is required by the application.

–          Our engineers are all IPC certified

The quality of the used components was proven and they come from well-known manufacturers. As an example, our collaboration with the world’s biggest connector producer, TE connectivity, is of crucial importance, as we are able to benefit from their skills and know-how. In addition, the items used in the production of the wire harness can also be ordered separately via our web shop.

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will look for a solution together and we will gladly help you further.

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