Dashboardpanels & clusters

MECS delivers on customer specification a very extensive selection dashboardpanels & clusters (control panels) for control and monitoring of fuel engines.

MECS makes and offers various mechatronic connections that ensure that your machine is optimized. In our assortment you will find all products who are part of your final solution. That's why we have a strong focus on the generation technologies. Today's new products are out-of-date tomorrow. So we'll make sure you will create your most innovating product or solution.

In addition, we apply consistent and high quality standards. We are enables to achieve this high standards, because of our skilled technical specialists. Above it, we are in for a superior flexibility so that we are at the right time, with the right product at the right place.

Everything you will find in our complete product portfolio and in our service we apply the concept of one-stop-shopping.

Our dashboardpanels & clusters are easy to find in the menu below. For example, you can filter your desired brand on the left and at the bottom you will find the desired products you had chosen in the filter. If you click on the desired product on the next page, you will see more details, specifications and other necessary information about our dashboardpanels & clusters.

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  1. Centrobase 500 Centrobase 500

    The Centrobase 500 instrument clusters allow all relevant engine...

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    Price on requestDelivery 3-4 weeks
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  2. customized dashboard panels customized dashboard panels

    On customer specification makes MECS a very diverse product range...

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    Price on requestDelivery 3-4 weeks
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