Freguently asked questions

1. What happens after I have submitted my online order?

First you will receive a confirmation e-mail of your order. Then we will process your order and you will receive a e-mail order confirmation with proforma-invoice. After we have packed your order, we charge your account. When your package is shipped, we will send you an invoice and Track-Trace code so that you can track your package.

If there must be made a backorder within this process, because a part product will be send later, you will receive a backorder confirmation.

2. Where is the icon: 'Quotation list' for right on the top at the webshop?

This icon stands for:  'quotation list'. This icon has the same function as the shopping cart, only you put those products on your quotation list.

How can I put my products in the quotation list?

If you have chosen you products wich you would like to receive a quotation of, click on the button: 'quotation list'. Than you will  come on the desired productpage wehre you van chose the numbers of the products to add you quatation list. This button displays the tex: 'add to quotation list'. After that you will see you products appear in the icon 'quotation list'. 

If you click at the top on the icon 'quotation list', you'll reach your full quoatation list. Here you can, if necessary, changes the numbers of your products. Your qutation list will be viewed and received as soon as possible.

3. What is the difference between the icon 'Quotation list'  and the icon shopping cart on the top of the websop?

In the icon: FAQ quotation stands the numbers of products you want to place in your quotation list. For these products you would like to request a quote.

In the icon:  shopping cart stands the numbers of products you like to order. These products you want to buy.

4. Can I ask for non-binding advice before I order products or request a quotation list?

Yes, that certainly can. MECS will assist you in putting together the desired products. We deliver not only a product, but we deliver also the best advice. You can use this link to request your advice: ask MECS expert.