Your personal information. You leave this with us, because that is necessary if you want to place an order. We can imagine that you would like to know why we ask for your personal information and what we do. We will be happy to inform you about that. You have any questions, please let us know through our customer service centre.

Our website contains information about the products and services offered by MECS BV. We reserve the right, without prior notice, to make changes on this webshop. MECS BV takes the utmost care to the reliability and timeliness of the information displayed. However, it is possible that, over time, certain information changes, no longer correct or incomplete. Of course an error or inaccuracy in this webshop MECS BV improve right away. MECS BV is in no way liable for damage that is caused by using the information provided on this Web shop. MECS BV accepts no liability for websites/Web shops of third parties (left) and used by third parties privacy policy.

What are we doing with your data
We use your information for various purposes, namely to inform you of our services, products and offers. We use the information received from you, but also by ourselves collected data, such as information about your visit to our webshop. Here's what goals that even more are:
  • Deliver your order
For your order we need your name, email address, address, payment details and VAT number and telephone number. This allows us to deliver your order and keep you informed about your order.
  • Your account
In your account at MECS BV we store the following information: your name, address, telephone number, email address, shipping and payment information, billing and verses address, VAT number, stored payment methods, downloads, your wish list and possibly newsletters. Particularly handy, because you do not need to enter this information each time. We will also keep information about your previous orders so that you can easily find it again.
  • Customer service
You can contact us via the: contact form or consult our some expert advise true: advice. You can also contact us by telephone during business hours, the telephone number is at the top of the webshop. To be able to help you with your questions, we use your information and we make annotations that we keep. Useful if you call us again. Details of the telephone conversation with you be registered. You helps us to analyses and improvement of our services.
  • Newsletters and e-mails
You can sign up for our various newsletters. So you can stay updated on our Business and developments. We have general and personal newsletters. The personal newsletters, we put together based on your data, such as previous orders. That makes the newsletter more interesting for you. Also you receive e-mails if you give us permission, with the aim to inform you about related or important things about our Business. Would you prefer not to receive emails or newsletters? You can sign out fort his true your account. There you will see on the right a column with blue lettering, where you see at the bottom ' newsletters '. If you click on this you can uncheck your subscription option. If you would like us to do this, please contact our customer service.
  • Improve our store and service
We're always working to improve our services. Therefore, we collect information from you that help us to improve the experience of all our customers. In addition, we may use your information to ask you if you want to join to an informal customer or market research.
  • Catalog and promotions
If you request a catalog or documentation and/or if you sign up or participate in special offers, you give us personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address so we can fulfill your request. • Google Analytics We use Google Analytics to track how users visit the Webshop. We ensure that our pages are well optimized, making it easier to find what you are looking for.
  • Google Adwords
We use this cookie, which makes clear what is effectively deployed media. Our storage period through Adwords is a period of max. 1 year.

Information and inspection
Of course you can see which personal data we process. We tell you more about the how and why we process data.
Do you have the idea that we have wrong information from you? Please let us know, then we apply this to. The right of opposition For the processing of your personal data, you can appeal. It is about marketing? Then we will your data we use for commercial purposes, not more.
The right to be forgotten
In addition to the right to object, you have the option to submit a request for your personal information, outdated or incorrect and privacy sensitive information removed. In the case of the marketing activities, you can do a job on this right. This means that we for other purposes (for example, administration or deduplication) still have to process that data.

Complain to the AP
Do you think that we do not act in accordance with privacy laws? Then we hear that. You can about this after 25 may 2018 also complain to the AP. currently, you can only match the AP, via this form.

Revoke consent
For example, this possibility exists for receiving emails. If you want to withdraw consent to another processing, please contact us.

Retention periods
The data will not be kept longer than is necessary, for the purpose for which they are actually used. Also no longer than necessary, if you are watching a legal data retention (such as the fiscal data retention of 7 years). That is, the data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they are used.

Third receivers
We give no personal information of our customers to third parties who want to use the data for marketing purposes. The data obtained will be shared with service companies that work for us, but these companies are not permitted to use or disclose this information, unless necessary for us to be able to carry out their work or to comply with legal requirements. We can, however, reveal your data if this is required by us.

Right to dataportabiliteit
Where the right to be forgotten partly already existed, is the right to of dataportabiliteit completely new. With this law, people can have some of their information from an organization in a common ‘file format '. With this right consumers greating more control over their own data. In addition, they benefit from extra convenience, when companies have regulated this as well. To switch from one to another provider, or requesting a quote at another provider, would have to be easier.

Rights of those involved in profiling
We collect information from you that help us to improve your ordering experience. Based on this information, a profile is created and your behavior can be predicted. We make a specific offer based on your profile and you will get to see information that came with your search behavior. If you object, you can discontinue the processing of personal data for direct marketing.

How does MECS BV this Privacy Statement?
This Privacy Statement may be updated on a regular basis to make changes and catch connecting consequences to obtain and manage information. If changes are made to this document, you can see the date at the top of to state when it last happened. We reserve the right to make changes in the way we deal with data and to change the terms as described in this Privacy Statement and for which modifications to apply it to your data.
There are links to other websites on this webshop
There are links to other websites which are completely independent operation of MECS BV and where we have no control over. We provide only links to other websites for your information and convenience for you.

How can I contact MECS BV?
If you want us to update your address details, remove your name from our mailing list or if you have any questions about (the protection of) your personal details, please contact us in one of the following ways:

- By telephone: +31 (0)184 490 740 
- Via our contact form
- By e-mail:

Your details will then be corrected as quickly as possible.