MECS stands for Mechanical Electronical Control Systems, where the contraction of mechanics and electronics creates a mechatronic solution. As an advisory supplier, we connect mechatronic solutions. Because we ‘connect’ mechatronic solutions, we offer the most diverse total solution for the customer. We not only supply a sensor, connector or instrument, but also offer products that are connected to each other. We take care of you from advice to execution within the entire process. We do this in cooperation with highly trained technicians and high-quality brands.

We guarantee constant quality, what is new today is tomorrow outdated. That is why MECS constantly explores its markets. In this way, MECS strives to offer your organization the latest developments on the market as adequately as possible. Our quality depends on your many.

In this way, together with you, we give your products the desired functionality. Every advice is tailor-made and you will see this elaboration in all our products.

We have more than a quarter of a century of experience in designing, implementing and supplying analog and digital dashboard instruments, wiring harnesses, electric motors and sensors. We also have a wide range of audio products, camera systems and various lighting. Last but not least, MECS is the forerunner in and representative of a program of high-quality connectors in the Benelux.

MECS guarantees constant quality, customer orientation, fast delivery times and expert advice. MECS mixes an innovative vision with well-founded technical knowledge. The synergy that this produces, we like to move in your organization.

We are strong in what we do with technology. Above that, we are happy to give you expert advice on the possibilities for your total solution
See also our mission and vision to get an extensive impression about MECS.