As a totalsolver in mechatronics, we unburden people within their project.


Our ambition is to continue the continuity of the business as an attractive employer. At each qualitative step we make we think about ‘binding and building’ wit hall our customes, our products and staff. Our vision is to be flexible in all expressions and importing and trading the best products on the market. We connect mechanical solutions which the most several total solution for the customer is realized. So we relieve you in the entire process, from consulting to implementation and we value long-term relationships. We do this in collaboration with our highly skilled mechanics, A-suppliers and partners.

Core Values

Consistent quality-“We have skilled technical support and handle consistently high quality standards”.
Customer focus-“We have our eye on the market and build and retain a strong and long-lasting personal relationship, with customer and supplier”.
Fast delivery times– “We are in for a superior flexibility, so we deliver on the right time with the right product at the right place “.
Professional-“Our focus is on quality. This shows not only in our product development, but also in our expert advice”.
Innovative-” We put the focus on innovation of the generation technologies, so we are always a step ahead with our products”.
Total solution: “Everything you will find in our complete product portfolio. We apply the concept of one-stop-shopping “.


Do you want to have more information about our Business, see ou page: Ask MECS expert.